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  • Minimum:50pcs | Size:H49 x W145 x D145mm | Print Area:7 x 50mm

    Bang on summer trend with these bright coloured sunglasses.

    Fantastic for holiday promotions, University events and Festivals.

    With these brilliant coloured sun glasses you'll be sure to get your brand name or company noticed!


    • Variety of colours available
    • Hugely popular with Universities & Festival promotions
    • Be sure to get your brand or comany name noticed
    • Product size H49 x W145 x D145mm
  • Minimum:25pcs | Size:H155 x W57 x D150mm | Print Area:30 x 10mm

    These safety glasses can block flying particles, liquid splatter, dust, wind, chemical fumes or other external hazards.

    Universal frame spectacles with comfortable fit. Providing safety protection against impacts and splashes, among others. With anti-fog treatment to avoid condensation when wearing them and specially designed to be worn over most everyday glasses. Item according to standard EN 166:2001 and in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/425.


    • Material:Polycarbonate
    • Colour:Transparent
    • Lense coating: anti scratch,anti fog,chemical splash resistance and blocks uv
    • Product size H155 x W57 x D150mm
    • Material: PC